Apple takes down a site that helped fans find its products

Apple takes down a site that helped fans find its products
Regardless of which side you subscribe to in the never ending OS quibbling, it's undeniable that Apple and its products drive demand like no other. That's both a curse and a blessing, for both Apple and its fans, as stock of whatever newly released product the Cupertino-based company has is depleted in a spectacular manner. Usually within days.

It's no surprise therefore, that sites like have sprouted up, with the simple (in its intent, not execution) aim of pointing fans in the direction of a stocked up retail location. You could choose the particular model of the iPhone or iPad that you're on the hunt for, and even look for a carrier-specific version. But, no more. That's because Apple has issued a DMCA takedown notice, as according to a company representative, the site “scrapes and collects data from in violation of the Internet Service Terms of Use”. As you can see below, the owner of the site, who goes simply by the alias of Mordy, appears unwilling to clash swords with the legal minds over at Apple and has decided to take the site down.

Apple itself has its very own version, which is most probably why it resorted to measures such as this. After all, it does have a long history of keeping an iron grip on all things Apple, and it isn't too hard to see why it's own alternative may be more beneficial to all.

source: Apple-tracker via TheVerge


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