Apple supposedly testing 2K and 4K resolution 12.9" tablet panels for device launch in the spring

Apple testing 2K and 4K resolution 12.9" iPad panels for launch in the spring
Apple has settled on two of five 12.9" touch panel prototypes, insiders are reporting, and those are made in 2K and 4K resolution varieties. This comes from the same source with supposed ties to Apple's supply chain that hinted a 13-incher will be released in March next year, and is already at the engineering prototype testing phases over at Foxconn.

This time the launch date is pushed to April, and the sources indicate that Apple has focused on producing test batches of the 2K resolution version for the eventual larger iPad, despite speculation that the end result to hit retail stores will carry a 4K resolution 12.9" panel. Actually 2K or 4K is the less significant question here, while the real interesting thing is what's that device Apple has decided to tack a nearly 13" panel on. 

We'd be surprised if it's indeed a 12.9" iPad, as it doesn't jibe at all with Apple's philosophy for tablet ergonomics. It would likely be something more in the lines of a new touch-enabled MacBook Air, or some sort of a convertible touchscreen device like the ones Windows 8 made possible, and which are proving a sales hit this holiday season, blending laptop, tablet and hybrid functionality rather successfully.

source: PadNews

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