Samsung Galaxy Note 12" with high-res display tipped for Q3, beating a larger iPad to market

Samsung Galaxy Note 12" with 2560x1600 pixels display tipped for Q3, beating a larger iPad to market
If you have been unmoved with Samsung's recent Galaxy Tab 3 line introduction, like the 10-incher you see in the thumb, it's not hard to fathom why, but its modest specs sheet might mean that Samsung is saving the best for last.

We've heard about an upcoming 11" slate from it before, but now he rumor is getting fleshed out in a 12.2" reincarnation. A Korean publication that often leaks on Samsung- or LG-related topics, is claiming that we will see the largest member of the Galaxy Note family pretty soon, meaning that an S Pen stylus will be a staple.

The screen is actually said to be 12.2", to be exact, and sport the ultra high resolution of the Nexus 10 tablet, at 2560x1600 pixels, working it out to about 247ppi pixel density, which is not bad for a large tablet by any means. The Note 12.2 (working title) will have a panel supplied by Sharp in some batches, says the source, as its IGZO display tech means thin and bright packages with very low battery consumption. 

The 12-incher is expected to be announced in Q3, and the other interesting thing is that the source claims it is meant to beat a larger iPad to market, which would mean another tablet headscratch, to say the least, and perhaps Apple's answer to the glut of Haswell- and Bay Trail-based Wintel convertibles that is hitting this holiday season with battery lives comparable to current ARM-based tablets.

source: ETNews via
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