Apple solves battery issue on 5.5 inch Apple iPhone 6?

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Apple solves battery issue on 5.5 inch Apple iPhone 6?
Last month, we passed along a story that the 5.5 inch version of the Apple iPhone 6 might be delayed until next year. The reason for the delay was Apple's inability to find a battery supplier who could meet the specs required by the tech titan. In order for Apple to get the battery to fit into the rumored 6mm thin device, the size of the cell reportedly had to come in at 2mm or thinner. A normal smartphone battery is 2.8mm to 2.9mm thick.

The good news is that Apple has found a supplier, and it is not its Dynapack International Technology Corporation, the company Apple has turned to for its iPhone batteries in the past. Instead, Apple is planning on buying 20 million batteries from Sunwoda at 40 Yuan each ($6.40 USD).

Thanks to that bit of rumored information, we can compute that Apple plans on building 20 million units of its phablet-sized iPhone this year. Considering that earlier reports had Apple building a total of 80 million units of the iPhone in 2014, only 25% of those phones being built will be the larger 5.5 inch model. That would seem to indicate that the phablet will carry a premium price, possibly more than many were expecting.

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source: Laoyaoba (translated) via GforGames


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