Apple secures a patent for crack-resistant foldable display

Apple secures a patent for crack-resistant foldable display
A lot of time has passed since foldable smartphones made their debut, and the form factor, which is oftentimes regarded as the next frontier in mobile technology, has come a really long way. So much so that even Apple seems interested in giving foldables a chance.

One of the major pitfalls that the Cupertino company is seemingly concerned about, however, is durability. This is largely understandable - after all, foldables are notoriously fragile.

Recently, the company has been granted a patent (№US-20230011092-A1) for a crack-resistant foldable display that could eventually make its way to a number of Apple devices. This information was first brought forward by Patently Apple in a dedicated article.

The technology could address one of the main concerns users face today when it comes to foldables and, by extension, potentially persuade more buyers to give the novel form factor a try. It should be noted that this is not Apple’s first attempt at enhancing the durability of foldable technology.

In 2022, Apple secured a patent for a self-healing display which could theoretically recover from small scratches, a problem to which modern-day foldables are particularly prone to. While many think that a foldable iPhone remains in the realm of imagination, we would not be so sure.

Currently, reports point towards a possible foldable iPad which could allow Apple to experiment with the technology and refine it. In light of the fact that the iPad is a relatively less important product in the Cupertino company’s portfolio, this seems like a plausible scenario.

First-generation foldables are a tricky subject (as Samsung knows very well) and a foldable iPad could give Apple the chance to prevent much more detrimental mistakes down the road. Given that more and more companies are entering this new market - with the Google Pixel Fold expected this year - it seems a foldable from Apple might not be that far off.

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