Apple says Samsung set a patent timebomb when the 3G standard was created to demand "excessive" royalties

Apple says Samsung set a patent timebomb when the 3G standard was created to demand "excessive" royalties
Samsung is suing Apple in the Netherlands to ban the sales and marketing of the current iPhones and iPads, based on a violation of wireless patents it holds for the 3G standard. The case is in response to the injunction Cupertino won there against smartphones of the Galaxy line

Apple's defense is that Samsung sneaked its intellectual property in when the standard was created, and only later filed for those technologies as patents, so it can blackmail companies later. Samsung is asking for 2.4% "simply excessive" royalties out of every affected chip price that Apple uses per patent. The technical term of what Samsung should be following, according to Apple's lawyers, is FRAND (fair, reasonable and non-discrinatory terms) in offering Apple to licence the technologies, and Samsung says it did, but the offer was shot down.

Our favorite Dutch reporter Andreas Udo de Hayes was tweeting from around the courtroom again, although journalists got booted out, and walks us through the surprisingly childish arguments and accusations for a lawsuit on such a grand scale. Apple has apparently said that Samsung is also targeting the iPhone 5, since it will still be using these same technologies the Koreans claim they are infringed upon. Samsung has filed similar lawsuits in the other courts where Apple accuses it of patent infringement in its own turn. How we wish to be a fly on the wall in the Dutch courtroom.

source: andreasudo (Twitter) via SlashGear


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