Patent application reveals that Apple might cave and give iPhone users a long awaited feature

Patent application reveals that Apple might cave and give iPhone users a long awaited feature
One feature that many die-hard Apple iPhone fans have wanted to see on their device but never have, is a light built right into the rear-facing Apple logo to make it glow. Years ago, a kit was sold for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s that allowed users to modify their device and add a glowing logo to it. While the gang in Cupertino has never given in to what they might have considered a frivolous request, Motorola has finally given its fans something that they have asked for; a rear Motorola batwings logo that doubles as a customizable notification light can be found on the Motorola One Zoom. However, some using the latter device have complained that the logo/notification light lights up only one time to announce a notification.

But Apple these days is all about giving the public what it wants. As proof, you don't have to look past the latest iPhone models. The company addressed a couple of hot button issues by upgrading the camera system to include an Ultra-wide camera and a Night Mode for taking viewable photos under low-light conditions; it also hiked the battery life on all three new models. And based on a patent application Apple filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), a glowing Apple logo that doubles as a notification light just might appear on a future iPhone. The patent filing, titled Electronic Devices With Adjustable Decoration, was spotted first by AppleInsider.

Will future iPhones have a customizable notification light in the shape of the Apple logo?

The patent application discusses the use of a logo or other decoration on the casing of a phone to alert the user to a notification, a calendar reminder, and even the activation of the camera. This would be accomplished by using sensors or input/output devices to "detect events." The logo or decoration would be controlled by circuitry inside the handset.

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The problem with a rear-facing notification light, of course, is that the back of the phone must be facing the user. If the device is placed screen side down on a table though, having a rear notification light makes sense. According to the patent application, different types of notifications could adjust the appearance of the decoration or logo. Most likely this is referring to the possibility of having different colors represent various types of notifications and alerts. For example, the Apple logo could turn red for an email, blue for an iMessage and green for a text. There even could be some level of customization that would allow the user to select the color of each notification.

Speaking about the iconic Apple logo on the back of the iPhone, to accommodate the square camera module found on the back of all three phones this year, the logo was moved lower down on the rear panel.

Apple originally filed the patent on September 18th, 2018.

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