Apple patent hints at implementation of NFC in iOS

Apple patent hints at implementation of NFC in iOS;
Apple has recently been granted a patent for a technique that uses an embedded NFC chip to allow mobile payments when an Apple iPhone user approaches a terminal to make a payment. The patent defines how a payment is made and the technique involved, including certain rules such as a limit for payments. Other rules explain how permissions are received by the vendor involved in both online and offline mode, and restrictions on buying alcohol and other products. If any of the rules are broken, at the least the transaction is canceled and the account holder is alerted. By alerting the latter, it helps prevent a thief from using an NFC enabled Apple iPhone to continue to make unauthorized purchases.

In addition to explaining how the rules work, the filing goes into iTunes interaction with the feature. The desktop store could allow users to view statements and to be alerted when they are about to spend more than a pre-determined limit. Apple has been considering multiple patents on the NFC technology and Mastercard has recently stated that it wants to have every platform support NFC mobile payments which would imply that it has been talking to Cupertino.

Right now in the States, mobile payments are limited to the availability of NFC on just two Nexus smartphones, the Sprint Nexus S 4G and the Samsung GALAXY Nexus, and Mastercard's system. This leaves Google waiting for Isis mobile wallet to launch in the middle of the year or for Google Wallet to be available on more handsets. Once either occurs, NFC will get broader distribution. Apple will probably need to throw its support behind one or both of the mobile wallets although with its patent, iTunes could be used as a mobile wallet which would allow iOS users to have a complete NFC mobile payment option.

source: PatentlyApple via electronista

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