In iOS 13, Apple turns its ugly Photos app duckling into AI swan and video editor

In iOS 13, Apple turns its ugly Photos app duckling into AI swan and video editor
Let's face it, Apple's Photos app has been a bit of a mess since, well, inception. All of your pictures are bunched up into a single album called "All Photos," if you want them backed up to iCloud, bazinga!

The new Photos app in iOS 13, thankfully, addresses some of these issues. No, you still won't get your own folders to create and sync separately with iCloud, but you do get on-device machine learning to do it for you.

The app will now rampage through your entire library, merge duplicates, purge blurred snaps, separate receipt shots from vacation photos, and leave only your personal bests, highlighted in a beautiful presentation of the day, month or year. The videos and Live Photos get to autoplay while you scroll these highlight, and everything gets way better organized than if you painstakingly did it yourself, or so says Apple.

The Portrait Lighting edits can now get done in the Camera app directly, including aura movements to and fro for sharper or smoother facial expressions, and Apple throws a fresh High-Key Mono effect to go retro on your Portrait mode shots.

Photos app in iOS 13 gets to rich editing

The rich set of photo editing tools gets overhauled with new ways to make your snaps look better, from de-noising and saturation to one-tap autoenhance tool. Swiping with the new tools can increase or decrease the desired effect. 

The best part? Most of these editing tools, young and old, will be available for videos now, too, straight from the Photos app, including rotating portrait clips into landscape, smart cropping and applying various filters. 


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