Apple might throw improved voice-recognition functions and accelerometers at the EarPods

Apple might throw voice-recognition functions and accelerometers at the EarPods
A recent patent application, filed with the USPTO, tips us that a next iteration of the Apple EarPods might come with a built-in accelerometer and improved voice recognition functionalities that provide noise-cancellation. The on-board accelerometer will detect any bone or tissue vibrations created by the user's voice before it activates the numerous microphones on board of the EarPods. What's more, Apple's earphones could come with a noise suppression system, which is touted as superior to the already-existing voice recognition methods.

According to the patent description that Apple has provided, a plethora of accessories provide voice recognition functions nowadays, but most of them have a flaw – they don't work well along with loud background noises. Enter Apple's invention, which intelligently detects the exact moment when the user starts to speak and uses dual high-precision microphones in each earbud that recognize the spoken phrases.

In addition, every time the accelerometer detects low-frequency signals (read: vibrations) coming from the user, one of the two microphones in each earphone will be steered towards any ambient background noise and eliminate it from the equation.

Bear in mind that most of nowadays' patent applications rarely leave USPTO's shelves, still, Apple's one is among the most plausible and realistic patent filings that we've recently seen.

source: USPTO via Apple Insider

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