Apple is an innovation Nazi, hints LeTV CEO, depicts it as a cartoon Hitler

The upcoming "bezel-less" phone from LeTV, which actually has bezels, and they are of average size both at the top and the bottom, is fast approaching, and one of China's biggest online streaming platforms has started making promo materials for it. Much to everyone's surprise, they depict Apple as a cartoonish Hitler.

Yep, that's what Jia Yueting, the CEO of the third largest Chinese video site Leshi TV (LeTV), posted on his Weibo account, where he has more than 5 million followers. The post is accompanied by a rant about Apple being a dark empire and walled garden that curbs technological innovation and rams iPhones down the throats of its customers. Or, at least, that's the gist of it, as far as we could grasp from the translation. 

Of course, the upcoming X900 smartphone - a first for LeTV - will be a bright and shining innovation, with "rapid development and long-term value for the user," or something like that. LeTV X900 is expected to be announced  next week, with a 5.5" 1080p screen, an octa-core 2.2GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, a 13MP main camera, a 5MP front snapper, and dual-SIM slots. 

Most interesting, it is also rumored to feature an USB Type-C connection port, which would make it a first for an Android smartphone, and somewhat justify the guy's innovation blabber. In any case, it's a funky way to promote your product, "bezel-less" or not. What do you think?

source: Weibo via TheVerge



1. InspectorGadget80 unregistered

That's a funny picture and its true apple is the most corrupt company

2. drunkenjay

Posts: 1696; Member since: Feb 11, 2013

Wouldnt say corrupt (some apple fans are ahem* macworld*) but the closed system feels like your are entrapped inside it and it forces you to not leave. Hitler no. Communist style system? Yes. For example:​hone-6-vs-samsung-galaxy-s6-comparison-review-3601​303/#comment-1931274596 and this is why i hate apple fans (I dont like samsung fans but apple fans are alot more vicious) note* i was looking up s6 reviews and crap showed up.

83. ePoch270

Posts: 193; Member since: Sep 26, 2013

Really have to value a review that prefers a clearly substandard phone over a superior one because, no joke, "But seriously guys... what's with the shiny finish?" and "amsung has gone for a mirrored finish rather than the brushed finish you'll get with the iPhone 6." The back is shiny. That's why he doesn't like it.

3. nwright94

Posts: 211; Member since: Oct 14, 2014

There are far more corrupt companies out there. By far. Apple definitely isn't a shining beacon of ethics, but they're nowhere close to Foxconn (who yes Apple and many other manufacturers use) and companies especially in third world countries who exploit people to make money. But then again, this is PhoneArena. Not being Samsung is enough to be the most corrupt company, forget the facts though, if you said it it must be true.

5. drunkenjay

Posts: 1696; Member since: Feb 11, 2013

Corrupt yes. but it is not popular as apple. I mean 5 years ago, if phonearena said a chinese brand was corrupt, would you care? No, since it was so minuscule. The larger the scale the more eye brows it raises.

7. nwright94

Posts: 211; Member since: Oct 14, 2014

Every company have their problems. To think otherwise is delusional. They have their good parts too like Tim Cook donating his entire fortune to charity. Whether that's for publicity or not, it doesn't matter because the money will still go to a good cause. Wouldn't surprise me if you and other readers will totally discount that because it's Apple and not Samsung though. Samsung was found to have underage workers. Apple was found to have severely mistreated workers. No company is perfect.

8. drunkenjay

Posts: 1696; Member since: Feb 11, 2013

Im not saying the person is corrupt though. im saying the closed system feels like a communist system. Cant have this or that, only when we allow you to.

11. nwright94

Posts: 211; Member since: Oct 14, 2014

Alright I see what you mean. I use an iPhone and I totally agree the system needs to be more open. As for the Bing thing, I don't use it and have no interest but I don't think it should just die because of that. We don't want a Google monopoly, if they get too relaxed the quality of their services will start to suffer so it's a good thing there's Bing and other platforms pushing Google to actually stay the best.

15. drunkenjay

Posts: 1696; Member since: Feb 11, 2013

i removed that comment because i felt like i was being too harsh. but yes. apple has perks but i dont agree with its closed software. it sure is opening up bit by bit which is nice.

21. mrochester

Posts: 1020; Member since: Aug 17, 2014

I would associate Android with communism, not iOS. iOS is capitalism. Android is more like communism as it's based on the notion of a joint ownership/contribution model that's owned by a single state (Google). It also sees itself as spanning social class/wealth due to it being available from the very lowest end to the very highest end. In comparison, iOS is based on the notion of a single owner/contributor (Apple) and is very much not an option for people who occupy the lower ends of the market. That's a capitalist system.

25. mrochester

Posts: 1020; Member since: Aug 17, 2014

That should have been 'operated by a single state', not 'owned by'.

86. kevin91202

Posts: 642; Member since: Jun 08, 2014

Completely wrong, but whatever. Another iFan thinks they're smarter than everyone else.

44. shuaibhere

Posts: 1986; Member since: Jul 07, 2012

are you mad??? "Not being Samsung is enough to be the most corrupt company, " you can see more samsung haters here than apple haters... and authors too dont aupport samsung... so i dunno where do you get these kinda things... and i will say MS is the most cruel tech company.. people have no idea how cruel is MS..

69. nwright94

Posts: 211; Member since: Oct 14, 2014

You must be on a totally different website than PA. Other than the obvious trolls like Myx and such, I think most people here would rather become a Eunuch than own an iPhone.

54. corporateJP

Posts: 2458; Member since: Nov 28, 2009

Wow...regardless if I agree or disagree, the Hitler depiction is rather tasteless. Proof that nothing is off-limits in China...

4. nwright94

Posts: 211; Member since: Oct 14, 2014

If anyone seriously believes Apple is up there with Hitler they have major problems. They definitely have their problems but they didn't kill 6 million people over their ethnicity and start one of the most destructive wars in history. I understand this cartoon was made just to poke fun and that's fine, but don't take it too seriously PA readers.

6. maherk

Posts: 6939; Member since: Feb 10, 2012

The only one who seems to be taking this seriously is you. The rest of us did get the message while enjoying the joke as well.

9. nwright94

Posts: 211; Member since: Oct 14, 2014

I acknowledged the joke in my post, read the full post. I just know on PA it's going to turn into an Apple is worse than the Nazi's type thing. I can imagine how up in arms the readers would get If this man did the same thing about Samsung or HTC.

12. drunkenjay

Posts: 1696; Member since: Feb 11, 2013

it will definitely not have hitler on it. android is known for openness unlike apple. htc would be like (an empty bank) or samsung will be (samsung throwing micro sd cards and batteries) I mean one can agree and some do not. but for me. ois feels restricted.

27. mrochester

Posts: 1020; Member since: Aug 17, 2014

It's just a shame that 'openness' simply means 'I can dick around with my phone like a toy', which is only of benefit to a very tiny niche of the market. For the vast majority of people, 'openness' is meaningless, and is actually detrimental to consumers due to the eventual homogenisation of the market (if we aren't already there). Look at how stagnated the desktop PC market is due to Window's overwhelming dominance of the market. This is where we are heading if we let Android remain in the dominant position it's in. The future is looking bleak for the smartphone market :(. Thank goodness for Apple and a viable alternative that doesn't further the stagnation of the market.

39. VZWuser76

Posts: 4974; Member since: Mar 04, 2010

So it would be better if the desktop PC market was priced out of many people's reach rather than let everyone have an opportunity to have the world's knowledge available to them. Because as you said in an earlier post, Apple is like capitalism, and is very much not an option for people in the lower end of the market. It sounds to me like you're advocating for things like, PCs, mobile devices, and the internet to be the purview of only the mid to upper level. At some point, there are only so many people to sell to in the middle and upper class, and they have to move to offer such things to the lower class. Because like it or not, there are more lower class in terms of wealth than middle and upper class combined in the world. And if the lower class moves beyond poverty, doesn't it make sense that they may be loyal to companies who offered them options when they couldn't afford the higher level options. Is there anything wrong with the lower class having those options available to them? Does it hurt you to have that be a possibility? No one is forcing any of these companies to use Android. They could create their own OS, either completely original or use AOSP and make it their own, without Google's services or involvement. And how is that any different from what MS has done with WP? They also have hardware partners. You point to them eroding the PC market, but which sounds more likely to have caused that? That they let any and every company manufacture desktop and laptop offerings, or that mobile was a more viable solution for most of the functions people use a computing device for. With desktops, and to a lesser extent laptops, you're either tethered to a desk or having to lug around a large device that requires you to sit to use. With mobile devices, you can use it in bed, sitting at a desk, on a couch, at the dinner table, on the toilet, , or even while walking. If we hadn't had this explosion in the mobile industry, the desktop PC market would've been as thriving as it ever was. And as many point out, it was Apple who brought it to the masses. Prior to the iPhone, smartphones and tablets were used by people for a purpose, usually for their careers. Apple was the one who made the smartphone useful for everyone, not just those who needed something like that for work. Yet you put the blame on other companies for doing so. The only thing they did was offer more price points by which to buy them. But that doesn't mean that there aren't any lower class income people who don't have an iPhone.

45. mrochester

Posts: 1020; Member since: Aug 17, 2014

It would be better if we had a market where there are a number of competing operating systems, rather than one giant behemoth with a few viable alternatives on the side. I don't want to see the same thing happen to the smartphone market. Being loyal to a company is stupid. Users should make their buying decisions on what is best. And I'd argue that they can't make their own OS and ecosystem because it would be far too expensive in comparison to Android. Android has set the expectation that operating systems for smartphones and tablets should be free; there is no way to now reverse that and go back to a model of many different operating systems and ecosystems. The smartphone market is essentially doomed to having one giant incumbent, just the same way the PC market went.

78. VZWuser76

Posts: 4974; Member since: Mar 04, 2010

You do realize that the huge gap between first and everyone else isn't that big. If anything, there are two big OSs, and a few smaller ones. And the one you like is in second, not too far behind. On that we can agree, but if a company made a product that you could afford when others didn't, you might be more apt to give them your business in the future. Making a new OS isn't that costly, it's getting it into people's hands that costs money. And if the OS is truly a game changer, companies will want on board. Seriously you sound like you're Angy that Apple isn't the greatest in the PC market and your angry now that it may be happening again.

59. tedkord

Posts: 17408; Member since: Jun 17, 2009

That's in fact not what the open means, at all. It refers to the fact that the source code is available to anyone who wants it, and it can be modified and redistributed with the condition that the modifier makes his source available the same way. It's the reason Android has progressed so quickly, and surpassed iOS even though it came out later.

64. mrochester

Posts: 1020; Member since: Aug 17, 2014

Absolutely, because it means manufactures and networks can add all sorts of extra software and services to the OS to try and make more money. Personally, I chose not to support products that give more power to the mobile networks.

75. tedkord

Posts: 17408; Member since: Jun 17, 2009

It gives them no more power. Anyone can modify it.

91. mrochester

Posts: 1020; Member since: Aug 17, 2014

Yes, so it gives them more power to add stuff to the device that I don't want. I don't want to buy something I then have to fix. I'd rather buy a finished product.

88. eyeball

Posts: 17; Member since: Mar 14, 2015

There are many other competitors coming online,like Cyanogen for one,who is growing by leaps right now. Also Sailfish is a Nordic company,who are made up of former Nokia engineer's. Their OS will aso use Android apps. Then several Chinese oem's are forking Android with their own app store's. Xiaomi,Baidu,are two such. And finally Samsung is,or has been headed in that direction with Tiezen,which has launched in India I think. Oh ya,don't forget Firefox OS is on many phones in the third world. All these are very promising,growing endevers that will go head to head with Google. Compared to Apple,who stifles innovation,Android is the clear winner. I suspect that Apple snubbed,or shunned LeTV somehow. But I will give one example of Apple stifling innovation,is the reason Google developed Blink,and forked from WebKit,when Apple moved the goal post and took more control of the development process,slowing down the ability to add new features. Many,many contributors,developers were not happy about it. Most have now jumped ship to Blink,and that leaves only Apple in the end. Open source is by far the future of innovation.

71. HowDoYouKnow

Posts: 6; Member since: Mar 27, 2015

How do you know no one died making iPhones? Are you one of the slave workers in China/Third World Countries? If not, try researching before thinking Apple is God.

73. nwright94

Posts: 211; Member since: Oct 14, 2014

Where did I say I thought Apple was God? On the contrary. I mean they have a gay CEO, obviously most religions "God" wouldn't like that. I'm personally a bigger Moto/Google fan but I don't see Apple as any worse than any other big corporation.

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