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Apple iPhone sales surpass human reproduction in the fourth quarter

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Apple iPhone sales surpass human reproduction in the fourth quarter
If Apple iPhone sales continue at the current pace, the new corporate logo might turn out to be a rabbit. Of course, you can't blame the Cupertino based firm  for the incredible demand that led to the sale of 37 million Apple iPhone units last quarter. What is interesting is that number of Apple iPhone models that were sold last quarter exceeded the number of live births on earth during the same period. A tweet from Digital Design guru Luke Wroblewski pointed out that Apple sold more copies of the iPhone daily during the quarter than the daily number of births on the planet. The figures came out to 402,000 iPhones sold daily versus 300,000 daily births, according to Wroblewski.

Actually, the daily rates cited on the tweet are a little off. Based on stats from Apple and Wolfram Alpha, the number of Apple iPhones sold daily during the fourth calendar quarter was 377,551 which still outnumbers the 371,124 average daily birthrate. There is no denying that many Apple iPhone users treat their handset as though it were a child.

In at least one way, raising a baby is like owning an iPhone. You must teach both to take their first byte.

source: CNET

In Q4, more Apple iPhones were sold per day than live births on Earth

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