Apple is reportedly developing its own modem for iPhones

Apple is reportedly developing its own modem for iPhones
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As Apple has grown in size over the years, the company has tried to both diversify its supply chain and reduce its dependence on third-party components by creating its own CPUs and GPUs, among other things. According to a new report by Bloomberg, though, the Silicon Valley-based giant could soon introduce its own modem. 

Over the past month, Apple has posted no less than 10 job listings on its website. The company is hiring both hardware and software engineers in San Diego to work on a number of wireless components, which certainly isn’t a first for the company. This time around, though, it’s looking for people with experience in LTE and Bluetooth, in addition to next-generation networks that rely on 5G and millimeter wave tech. This all points towards a new modem that will presumably make its way into future iPhones once ready.

At the moment, Apple is expected to introduce 5G support to its iPhones in 2020 through Intel’s next-generation chip. But if the iPhone company can successfully create its own modem by then, Apple could easily switch Intel's chip out for its own. This would allow it to reduce its dependence on external companies, a move that would help avoid any future patent or royalty battles that resemble its ongoing one with Qualcomm, who used to supply modems for iPhones.

Aside from these mentioned benefits, it would provide Apple with yet another way to differentiate its devices from the competition. Perhaps more importantly for the company, though, is that it would give it full control over costs. This means that it could push its profit margin up even further.

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