Apple iPhone X owner finds her co-worker able to unlock her original and replacement units


Usually the first question that many people ask when they come across someone wielding the Apple iPhone X is "How is Face ID working for you?" Despite the edge-to-edge screen and the very thin bezels, it seems that Face ID might be the most interesting feature of the tenth anniversary model. Well, if you ask that question to a woman in China, identified in a published report only by her surname "Yan," the question about Face ID would probably elicit a negative response.

Yan purchased the iPhone X and setup the facial recognition system only to find that one particular co-worker was able to open her phone every single time. Yan then called Apple support where her story was met with disbelief. So, she grabbed the phone and her colleague and drove to the closest Apple Store where she had her co-worker demonstrate how she can unlock the handset, even though her face wasn't used in the configuration of Face ID.

After proving that her Apple iPhone X wasn't working properly, the conclusion of the staff at the Genius Bar was that the TrueDepth Camera was malfunctioning. So she was given a refund which she promptly used to buy another iPhone X. But this second unit also allowed Yan's co-worker to unlock the phone. The Apple Store offered her a second refund. It is unclear whether she used it to buy a third iPhone X.

You might recall that there were several stories about Apple having problems with the production of the TrueDepth Camera and perhaps some of these issues have come home to roost. For what it's worth, an iPhone X purchased by PhoneArena is also experiencing problems with Face ID.

source: SCMP

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