'Made in India' iPhones to go from iPhone SE to XS Max, lowering exorbitant prices

It's been a long time in the making, but the agreement for the production of high-end iPhones in India is seemingly a done deal at last. A new Wistron factory in the country has been greenlit by India's Ministry of Information Technology, and it will allow Apple to circumvent the extremely high tax rate that the government slaps on imports.

These have led to iPhones commanding exorbitant prices in India and Apple's virtually non-existent market share compared to the size of the population. Apple now builds the iPhone SE and 6s in India that cost 40% less than they would have if they were made somewhere else and imported in the country. When asked what would be the advantage for Apple to make iPhones in India instead of more established assemblers like China that provide government subsidies and other incentives, the IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad laid out the following: 

The "creativity is recognized" part is a stone in China's garden, of course, but the new Wistron facility will move the generation of Apple handsets assembled in the country to the iPhone 8. A similar proposal for a Foxconn factory has been submitted on December 31st, and should allow for the full iPhone portfolio to be manufactured there, up to the XS Max. This would be a win-win both for Apple, and for the government's "Made in India" initiative.



1. Phonehex

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India will be the driving force of global smartphone market for the next few years. Major growth will be in India.

6. sgodsell

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You do know that India has next to no iPhones in India right now. Even though they were making iPhones, and sell them in India for quite some time now. India is similar to China in the sense that India has their own home grown smartphone OEMs, like China. And just like China they use Android for all the home grown smartphone OEMs. It's only this year that Apple is able to sell their iPhones to the largest mobile carrier in the world (750 million customers), which is China Mobile. Even Apple is only expecting 10 million new iPhones to be sold in China. So if that is what you mean by major growth. Then I guess so.

5. shawman

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considering s10+ is like way cheaper than XR, Apple definitely needs to trim prices big time to be competitive. LG launched V40 like 1/3rd below XR's sale price. One Plus 6T is probably the biggest of premium smartphone seller while Poco f1 takes care of low end with premium specs. Plus majority of smartphone sales are at $200 and below where Apple will be non-existent.

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