Apple iPhone 6s screen and logic board appear on video

Apple iPhone 6s screen and logic board appear on video
A mashup phone consisting of an Apple iPhone 6s screen and logic board, combined with Apple iPhone 6 components, shows up on a video with the device booting up to reveal a gear icon. Because of the mismatched parts, that is all that will show up on the screen when the phone is turned on. The video also shows off the iPhone 6s logic board, which includes the larger Apple A9 chipset. Right now, the A9 isn't stamped with the chip's name, but you can see it nonetheless.

The iPhone 6s will apparently come with improved radio hardware thanks to Qualcomm's MDM9635M LTE baseband modem and Qualcomm's WTR3925 radio frequency transceiver chip. The combination of the pair should make for faster 4G LTE connectivity over networks that support the faster speed. While Force Touch isn't displayed on the video, we do see the extra shielding on the back of the display. We've seen that shielding before, added to protect components from the hard touch inputs used with Force Touch.

We expect to see the Apple iPhone 6s and Apple iPhone 6s Plusunveiled on September 9th. In addition to the A9 chip and Force Touch, the new model should be made of Series 7000 Aluminum to prevent bending. We should see 2GB of RAM inside, double the amount currently employed. The rear camera will receive a bump to 12MP and we could see a larger capacity battery.

source: MacRumors via RedmondPie
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