Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus to launch in China on October 10th?

Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus to launch in China on October 10th?
A leaked internal document showing a timeline for a Chinese retail store, indicates that the new Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus will be launched in China on October 10th. Unlike last year, when China was one of the countries that received the Apple iPhone 5s and Apple iPhone 5c with the initial launch of the phones, those in the country who wanted the new versions immediately had to rely on handsets smuggled into the country. Some of those who waited in lines outside New York City Apple Stores on the day of the launch, were filmed handing off their purchases to some shady looking characters.

The aforementioned leaked internal memo shows that this unidentified store plans on training employees starting on October 7th, with sales to begin three days later. Pricing is expected to be different this year, with carrier subsidies being cut. Originally, it was expected that the 4.7-inch Apple iPhone 6 would be priced at the equivalent of $863. That was the price of the Apple iPhone 5s when launched in the country last year. The 5.5 inch-Apple iPhone 6 Plus was expected to be tagged at the equivalent of $1026. But that is not going to be the case.

According to a report from Bloomberg, China's regulators are requesting that carriers cut the amount of subsidies being offered to iPhone 6 buyers. The same report notes that China Mobile is seeking to cut its subsidies by $2 billion for the iPhone. That would result in a doubling of the price of  the Apple iPhone 6. 

In China, subsidies are paid out monthly to phone buyers in the form of a bill credit. While the price of the Apple iPhone 6 will nearly double from the iPhone 5s, new rules mandated by the authorities in China will lower the amount of money laid out for a new phone by $131. Still, the lower subsidies will increase the overall amount paid by a Chinese consumer for the iPhone 6, by $97 over the two years of the contract.

Right now, smuggled Apple iPhone 6 units are going for as much as $1900 while the iPhone 6 Plus can be had for $3250. Popular colors like Space Gray and Gold can fetch a $500 premium.

source: TechWeb (translated),  Bloomberg via AppleInsider

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