Apple iPhone 6 Plus catches on fire, awakens sleeping owner

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A woman in Palm Harbor, Florida was awakened this past Tuesday by a strange sound at 3 in the morning. She quickly discovered that her Apple iPhone 6 Plus was on fire. Amanda Bentz says that the flames were blowing out the right side of the phone, leaving her nightstand covered with black soot. Bentz said that her pillowcase, comforter and curtains were singed. Her husband's quick thinking prevented a major disaster from taking place. Using a shirt, Mr. Bentz quickly smothered the fire. "If he hadn't woken up right then and there... and put it out, it would've caught the curtain on fire and then the bed," Mrs. Bentz said.

Amanda Bentz says that Apple has offered to replace her iPhone 6 Plus, which is now a useless mix of melted plastic and cracked glass. But first, she says that the company wants to put a hold on her credit card for $749. Apple also responded to local television station WFLA by thanking the broadcaster for bringing the incident to its attention. Apple says that it is looking into the matter.

Samsung recently released the results of an investigation into what caused its highly anticipated phablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, to explode numerous times last year. Samsung said that two different manufacturers provided the 3500 mAh battery used by the Galaxy Note 7,and both versions of the power generator "were prone to failure." Samsung is now running batteries used on its devices through an 8-step safety test. By doing this, Samsung hopes to weed out poorly made power cells before they are deployed inside a phone.

source: WFLA

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