Apple iPhone 4 gets a physical QWERTY

Apple iPhone 4 keyboard
You have wanted a physical QWERTY on your Apple iPhone 4 ever since Apple's latest handset was released? Well, your cure is now available – it's called Keyboard Buddy iPhone 4 Case – and the clumsy name aside, it provides you with a slide-out landscape-orientation physical keyboard for your Apple gadget.

The good news is that the Keyboard Buddy iPhone 4 Case doesn't pose a problem for the rear-facing camera, the iPhone 4's controls and other vital hardware features' functionality. Furthermore, the manufacturer claims that the keyboard that's connected via Bluetooth to the device has a charge duration of 45 days. The bad news is obvious – it makes your iPhone 4 bigger in appearance – but you can't have it all.

We told you two days ago how another kit – this time one that turns the black iPhone 4 into a white iPhone 4 – earned his inventor, a NY teenager, $130 000. Now, here is yet another kit for the iPhone 4 owners that not only provides it with a physical QWERTY, but also protects the device. Everyone wants a piece of the Apple pie, right? You can pre-order it from the Box Wave link below for $69.95 and it's set to be available on December 14. Anyone hoping to get it for Christmas?

source: Box Wave via Reg Hardware

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