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Apple iPad's share of tablet based web traffic declines after Christmas

Apple iPad's share of tablet based web traffic declines after Christmas
By looking at hundreds of millions of ad impressions on its ad network, Chitika can determine the web traffic market share for mobile devices. After the Christmas holiday, the Apple iPad has seen its web share decline by 7.1 percentage points. Prior to Christmas, Apple's tablet accounted for 86% of the tablet based traffic on the web. That figure has declined to 78.86% It looks like the lower price of the Amazon Kindle Fire atracted holiday shoppers because post December 25th, the web share of the Kindle Fire increased 3.03 percentage points to 7.51%.

Other tablets found under the tree were the Samsung Galaxy 7 and 10 inch models, which  rose 1.38% to grab a 4.39% web share. That beat out the Google Nexus 7 and Google Nexus 10, which now have a 2.04% share of tablet-based web traffic after gaining .92% during the holidays. The Microsoft Surface was responsible for .40% of tablet related web traffic after a .17% gain since Christmas for the Windows RT powered tablet. Besides the Apple iPad,the only other tablet listed by Chitika has having lost web traffic share after December 25th was the BlackBerry PlayBook which slumped .02% to .68%.

Not all of the news was bad for Apple. The Apple iPhone 5 had the largest increase by any smartphone in web traffic share, 1.11%. The Apple iPhone 5 currently is responsible for 8.27% of smartphone-related web traffic. Right behind the iPhone,the Samsung Galaxy S III tacked on 1% to control 4.29% of smartphone originated web traffic. The Samsung GALAXY Note and the Samsung GALAXY Note II had a small .17% increase in web share after the holiday, to 1.02% While the Samsung GALAXY Note II showed gains in web share during the holidays, its competitor, the HTC DROID DNA had no gain and controls a negligible .01% of smartphone web traffic.

source: Chitika via TUAW


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