Apple iPad 2 to feature three versions, one for each radio

Apple iPad 2 to feature three versions, one for each radio
For the current tablet leader Apple it really is a no-brainer to make its iPad available on as many networks as possible. The second generation, or the so-called iPad 2, is rumored to have three versions, based on the wireless radios inside. There will be the cheap Wi-Fi only version, of course, but also Wi-Fi plus UMTS (for GSM networks, like AT&T or T-Mobile), or plus CDMA (for the likes of Verizon and Sprint), which could sweeten the deal with carrier subsidies.

The ratio of initial January shipments for the rumored 500 000 - 530 000 units, is said to be 3:4:3 (Wi-Fi:UMTS:CDMA), so obviously Apple is preparing for a slightly bigger splash on GSM networks. If this rumor holds water, we can't help but wonder how hard is it to put all wireless bands in one chipset, if Apple has to go with three separate versions. Maybe not hard, but just expensive, we guess we have to ask Qualcomm how much it is selling those combined chips for.

Couple the various wireless connectivity with the expected svelter profile, and additional anti-reflective and oleophobic (against finger smudges) coatings, plus an eventual wide-range speaker and cameras, and the Year of the Tablet 2011 might very well turn into the Year of the Apple Tablet. Unless those 4G slates start picking up steam, but then again, they can only be used on early LTE networks like Verizon's, or eventually Japan's DoCoMo. Supply sources predict around 40 million shipments of the iPad 2 (or whatever it ends up being called) in 2011, which would put it at 65-75% of the global market for tablets. And that's with more than 80 tablets already in the works by all the other manufacturers, many of which will be showcased at CES next week.

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3. Janet unregistered

Ahhh, "an unnamed source", the old "one" with today's rumored features and a new vague time frame. Apple didn't reveal any details, of course it won't until it makes a formal announcement sometime in the new year. Well, we can be sure there will be a new iPad within the next 12 months. Other than that, it's just this week's click-bait. For featuring 3G connectivity, sounds should be under consideration, more 3G connectivity options for users is what looking forward to I believe. Though now the wifi can be turned to 3G with some apps like Wifi. P.S. Tips to Turn iPad Wi-Fi Into 3G and some more iPad tips you would be interested in iFunia iPad column

2. ilikeyournameclever unregistered

idk you know how apple likes to drive up the fear of not getting a product what better way then to have rumours already start that there will not be wondering why there was not a link to just pre-order now.......though from what i've seen even pre-rodering with apple seems to be a suggestion that you might get the product...but a cdma thing kind of has me drooling a little...though i do have a rooted android and when i have wifi apple products work off my rooted android i seems so naughty.

1. clevername

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500,000? Really? And this is suppose to be believable? The iPad sold 1 million a month for the first 3 months. If they really are releasing on more than one carrier I would expect initial release units to total 1.5 million at least.

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