Apple iPad 2's screen to be LCD due to OLED/AMOLED shortages

Apple iPad 2's screen to be LCD due to OLED/AMOLED shortages
We reported to you that the OLED and AMOLED shortages that hampered the mass production of quite a few devices (for example, the HTC DROID Incredible) are soon to be a thing of the past. However, it seems that the brilliant Smiths' song "How Soon is Now" is very actual again, since this "soon" is rumoured to be "not soon enough" for the next generation iPad.

The iPad 2 is supposed to be released in Q1 2011/ April 2011 and it is reported there is no chance that the Samsung Mobile Display team will be able to produce enough OLED/AMOLED displays in time for the much-anticipated next generation iPad to use them. That's to say that Apple will have to stick with the tried and tested LCD technology.

Just to remind you what a previous rumour stated - that Samsung has scheduled a Q3 2011 release for its own 7-inch (Super) AMOLED-using tablet, so we guess it's safe to assume that (Super) AMOLED may become a standard for the high-end tablets in the very near future.

source: OLED-Display via Electricpig UK



8. some guy unregistered

Also, grammar fail. I'm just going to assume english is your second language so I don't choke on my Mt Dew. Why come here and disrespect the writer? Go elsewhere, these people work hard.

7. some guy unregistered

Honeycomb fails! Baaaaadly. The screen resolution is completely unrelated to the technology used to make the display.

6. honeycomb unregistered

what a nonsense why the hell would apple go for a lower pixel density. Apple already have retina display(960x640)which is obvious more than samsung's(480x800) super AMOLED. This article is a wastage of time you should have gone through some more investigation before posing this nonsense

4. Mongre

Posts: 5; Member since: Dec 06, 2010

Shortages? Is that what you call it? Why would Samsung ship AMOLED screens to Apple when Samsung makes the Galaxy Tab, an iPad competitor? Why would Samsung ship AMOLED screens to HTC when Samsung makes the Galaxy S, a Droid Incredible competitor? Samsung isn't stupid.

5. Elektra unregistered

Also shows how bad they are. Eventually, no other businesses would want to do business with them.

3. notsoclever unregistered

Umm, "Retina" displays are actually made by LG.

2. Rawrzellers

Posts: 224; Member since: Aug 22, 2010

iPad doesn't deserve the AMOLED screens. Shit apple doesn't deserve them I figure they'll start using them when people have forgotten about them and samsung is making better screens then they'll order 9999999999 AMOLED screens and just resell it as "iAMOLED" and of course hipsters and apple fags will eat the shit up.

1. clevername

Posts: 1436; Member since: Jul 11, 2008

I thinkthis is a ridiculous rumor. Apple most likely is going to go for a retina display. Which are LCD and made by sharp. Anoles is made by samsung. Simple.

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