Apple has been granted a patent for a Google Glass-like device

Apple has been granted a patent for a Google Glass-like device
Sure, Google might have been the first company to show its head-mounted computer, the Glass, to the world, but this doesn't stop Apple from patenting the idea, does it? No, no, there's no need to go mad about this, it turns out Apple has filed this patent waaay back in 2006! Of course, the patent seems to be a bit vague (as most patents we've dealt with recently), and doesn't necessarily mean that Apple is working on a Glass-like device, but it does seem to have a lot in common with stuff like head-mounted displays projecting images to the user's eyes and other stuff like that.

Here's a brief description:

Well, well, it seems we might be on the edge of the next big era in computing - wearable computers! Yeah, we know, we aren't too excited either, but if there are some of you guys, who'd love to express their enthusiasm for uber-geeky stuff like smart watches and glasses, feel free to do so in the comments!

source: FPO via: PCMag


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