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Apple finally granted patent for a VR headgear that it filed back in 2008

Apple patents a VR headset on its own
Virtual reality headgear have been somewhat "hot" during the 2014, as two of the larger names in the industry, Google and Samsung, both unveiled their takes on the virtual reality headwear - Google Cardboard and Gear VR, respectively. From the  looks of it, Apple might be at least considering the idea of making its own virtual-reality headgear, as it has recently been granted a patent for a gizmo that is nothing else but a VR wearable, according to the accompanying patent images.

Long story short, it's quite similar to Cardboard and Gear VR, because it requires you to snap in your iPhone or iPod inside it and enjoy media or games. According to the patent description, the unnamed Apple VR wearable comes with  both voice controls and hardware buttons. What's more, a built-in camera allows users to make use of a picture-in-picture feature, which will show them their surroundings while you're playing - yes, we know, this sounds quite vertigo-inducing!

Interestingly enough, PatentlyApple claims the patent has been originally filed all the way back in 2008, but it has been granted to Cupertino just recently. We also bet that if Apple is really forging such a VR gizmo, it will look nothing like the images in the gallery below. All things considered, it's advisable to take this with a  teaspoon of sodium chloride. After all, this is totally not the first time Cupertino has patented a smart headset - back in 2013, the iPhone maker received a patent for a similar piece of gadgetry

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