Apple did not infringe on Samsung's patents says Japanese court

Apple did not infringe on Samsung's patents says Japanese court
Tokyo District Court Judge Koji Hasegawa ruled on Tuesday, that the Apple iPhone 4s, Apple iPhone 4 and Apple iPad 2 did not infringe on patents held by Samsung. The patents at issue are related to data communications. The decision comes less than a week before the two rivals are scheduled to appear in the courtroom of Judge Lucy Koh for the start of their second U.S. patent trial. The first trial, which is now being appealed by Samsung, resulted in two juries awarding Apple $929.8 million. The upcoming trial could bring even more money into Apple's coffers since it deals with more recent devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S III.

In an emailed statement, Samsung said that it was disappointed in the verdict and is reviewing it. Among the options available to the Korean based tech giant is an appeal. Apple has yet to issue a statement about the court's decision.

Unlike the courtroom action in Tokyo, the patent trial that starts at the end of this month in the U.S. between Apple and Samsung is expected to generate a large amount of media attention. The first epic patent trial between the two rivals filled every seat in the courtroom as members of the media and those interested in the proceedings, waited on long lines for a coveted courtroom seat.

source: Bloomberg



6. corporateJP

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On a side-note of a reminder, and speaking of Sony, didn't Apple jank the design cues for their phone line-up from aforementioned company? Oh, yeah...carry on...

15. express77 unregistered

samsung have to pay for rounded corner and slide to unlock but apple never have to pay. JUSTICE

21. techperson211

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Thru patent technology is being slowed down . I mean why not just pay licensing fees ? Why not lower the cost of licensing fees as well in that way every OEM will have fair competition and more choices to the public. Remember the public are the customer so the higher the price the more the public will look for lower cost alternative phone but with good quality.

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