Apple’s latest startup acquisition will help Apple Music show you artists before they’re mainstream

Apple’s latest startup acquisition will help Apple Music show you artists before they’re mainstr
Apple is constantly making use of the pile of cash it’s amassed over the years by buying smaller companies that can help improve its products and services. The latest purchase the company made, according to recent reports, is that of the music analytics startup Asaii. Asaii was founded in 2016 by three men with background in Silicon Valley, the CEO, Sony Theakanath, used to work for Apple before he decided to start the project.

Now all three of the co-founders of Asaii work for Apple Music, according to their LinkedIn accounts, and rumors are that Apple paid close to $100 million for the startup in a deal that hasn’t been officially announced yet. So, what does Asaii’s product do?

The software mainly focuses on two things: discovering new up-and-coming artists and following the performance of the ones you’re interested in/managing. The solution is oriented towards music labels and streaming services, so they can be the first to sign a contract with a potentially big future star. 

The startup uses AI to swift through different popular services like Spotify and Soundcloud and look for patterns that show increased interest towards a certain artist. According to Asaii's website, it can find a hit song 10 weeks before it makes it to the charts. This will let Apple Music recommend you a song way in advance, so when people finally hear it on the radio, you can proudly say you heard it before it was cool.  

Another useful feature Asaii offers is tracking not only how an artist’s song is performing, but what interest there is towards the artist on social media. The software even connects events that happen online with dips or bumps in popularity, letting the manager know if one of his artists goofed up.

Finding new bands and singers is a favorite past time of music fans and Apple will try to lend a hand with the help of Asaii’s solutions. When this software is integrated within Apple Music and receives all the data that Apple already has about your habits, it can lead to some next level recommendations. This is good news for artists trying to get noticed, as it will expose them to wider audience and potentially even record labels. 

source: Axios via AppleInsider

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