Apple brings the biggest update to Shazam since its acquisition

Apple brings the biggest update to Shazam since its acquisition
Shazam has been around since 2002, that’s almost two decades. The clever software uses spectrogram analysis to identify songs and other audio pieces and people just love it. Two years have passed since Apple decided to buy the service in 2018 and there was a great deal of uncertainty whether Apple will keep the app or integrate it into its own software somehow.

Well, it seems that Shazam is alive and kicking and this week the app received the biggest update since the acquisition. It’s a complete overhaul of the interface and long overdue as well. With the update, Apple aims to enhance the user experience and make it more iOS-like. 

Users can now access past Shazams by sliding up from the main screen and in addition, the search tap now includes a card to access country and city charts. The overall design of the app has been fine tuned to feel more uniform with other Apple apps and services.

There are also enhancements when syncing Shazam with Apple Music or Spotify. Users can now sync Shazams with iCloud so they don’t need to worry about setting up Shazam on a new device. There are some changes to the Shazam website too - you can now use the site to identify songs after you give it permission to use your microphone.


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