Apple Watch update: Apple shows new timekeeping, health and fitness features


The Apple Watch is expected to arrive on retail shelves in the beginning of next year in three distinct versions - a sporty, aluminum one, a stainless steel one for the average person, and a luxurious, premium 18-carat solid gold one made for the 1%. However, at the core, all versions are expected to share the same functionality, use case scenarios and interface.

Those uses of the Apple Watch are actually the crucial element that will decide whether the watch will be successful or not, and so far we have not heard a whole lot about what the smart timepiece can do.

Apple has now quietly updated its microsite for the Apple Watch, and the timekeeping section in particular, adding much more information about the possible uses of the device to keep track of time.

The company describes the Apple Watch experience as an “elegant and minimalistic view of the time — usually the first thing you want at a glance. Easily adjust the amount of detail on the dial, from light to rich. Even with complications, this face maintains a clean and symmetrical design.”

It also goes on to describe that you’d be able to tweak the different watch faces, selecting elements down to the colors of the numbers, and keep track of time down to the “minutes, seconds, and milliseconds.”

You can also hit the source link below to see new animations for the Apple Watch, and see the new way to obsess over time and fitness. 

How do you like it?

source: Apple

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