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Apple Watch shown running old Mac OS 7 from 1996


Smartwatches have many uses for many people. Some like to use them as fitness assistants. Others like to have notifications handy without the need of pulling out their smartphones. The Apple Watch also has the ability to leverage Apple Pay, so that holds appeal for some folks too.

Other people like to tinker with their gadgets, smartwatches and all. It wasn’t that long ago a fella decided to run an emulator that enabled him to boot Windows 95 on a Samsung Gear Live smartwatch. Now, it’s the Apple Watch’s turn.

Nick Lee ported Mini vMac to his Apple Watch after it was updated to watchOS 2.0. Then he installed Apple OS 7.5.5, the System 7 operating system for the Macintosh computers of 20 years ago. Just like we saw on the Windows running watch last October, there is not much of any foreseeable use for this, but it is still pretty cool.

via: Mashable
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