Apple VR could be nearing production: is this real or just a misunderstanding?

Apple VR could be nearing production: is this real or just a misunderstanding?
As we know, Apple CEO Tim Cook is currently in India and has already met with the country's Prime Minister to discuss the iDevice's future in the country – both on the manufacturing and retail side. Apparently, Mr. Cook met with a number of influential people while he was visiting, which is only normal — bigwig dinners and events are bound to happen around such high-caliber meetings.

Indian actor Emraan Hashmi, apparently, met with Tim Cook at some such event. The actor posted a picture of the Apple CEO standing alongside a Hashmi and a few other people, and the post has a curious caption on it. No drum roll, we're spilling the beans – it says "Eagerly waiting for Apple VR!".

OK, VR is still a fairly new niche, but a lot of companies are trying to do something creative and enticing with it. It's not a long stretch to assume that Apple is probably also looking into a possible VR headset. In fact, we've seen the company apply for VR goggle patents, and put up some job postings that reveal it being pretty serious about investing in developing something for the niche. But, with nothing announced, and knowing how secretive Cupertino is of its projects, is it possible that Tim Cook would've spilled the beans in front of someone who is not even tied to the company's manufacturing process?

There could be a misunderstanding at play somewhere around this story. Either Cook was asked about working on a competitor to Android VR in an unofficial conversation, and he responded by talking about an ostensible VR heardset, which Apple may or may not be working on. That, or Hashmi was present at the conversation between Cook and the Prime Minister, which happened to involve Apple VR production in India.

What's your take on this?

source: Twitter via CultOfMac

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