Apple Card starts rolling out in the US, first customers receiving invites today

Apple Card starts rolling out in the US, first customers receiving invites today
Unveiled back in March, the Apple Card was rumored to arrive in the first half of August. Well, that time has come, as TechCrunch reports the first users who filled out the “Notify Me” form on the Apple website have started to receive invites today.

It looks like Apple won't open the new feature for everyone just yet, but we can safely assume Apple Card availability will expand to more users in the coming weeks. According to the report, those who received invitations to the Apple Card Preview must sign up for the card in the Wallet app, but they will also be able to apply for the physical titanium card that they will receive at a later date.

TechCrunch says Apple will launch the Apple Card for everyone later this month, so make sure that your iPhone is running iOS 12.4 or later and that you have already signed up for Apple Card, otherwise you won't receive the invitation.

As many of you probably know by now, Apple Card uses a cash-back rewards structure instead of points, which means users will get 1% on purchases made with the physical card, 2% for Apple Pay transactions and 3% for purchases of Apple products and services.

This rewards system is far from being impressive, especially for those who are looking to maximize their points towards certain objectives such as travel miles. It seems that this is intended as Apple wanted to offer an easier to understand reward metric, rather than provide great points returns.



2. midan

Posts: 3010; Member since: Oct 09, 2017

Is that new stuff for US people where you can see where you use money in very detailed way? Or is it feature which banking apps have and now Apple have it too? Here in EU i have all that and lot more inside my banking app, it shows Everything and it even shows where i used money years ago when i didn't even had that feature in app. When i for example check my favourite restaurant i can check how many times i've been there and how much money i have ever spent there. Also i can compare month to month, to earlier year spendings and year over year, daily comparison to earlier month etc. Really great stuff if you are Interested where your money goes.

3. lyndon420

Posts: 6824; Member since: Jul 11, 2012

Goes to show just how much info our banks have on us. Hard to track good old fashioned cash.

5. oldskool50 unregistered

What? Dude. Its a frikkin credit card. Of course they see how you use the card. Right? I mean the card belongs to them. It's their money. They loaned the money to you via the card. it's obvious they can see your spending habits. when I worked at Citibank, yes I can look at an account when a customer calls and I can see their spending habits and I can make them offers that can potentially save them money, for just using the card. Everyone in the US who is a legal citizen has a SS#. Someone always knows something about what you do, where you, live and more. Banks and anyone else only has as much info as you give them. If you don't want them o have it, then don't use what they offer; then they will have NOTHING on you at all. You make it sound like its a bad thing. And yeah you go right ahead and carry cash. My cards have very high limits. Yeah go take that risk when you wanna go and by a $10,000 Mac Pro. try walking around with $10,000 in cash in your hand. Cards are safe. If someone illegally uses your card, you won't be held liable for it. if someone takes your cash, it's just gone.

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