App for iOS allows the Apple iPhone 7 Plus to copy the black Portrait Lighting background from iPhone 8/X

Those with the Apple iPhone 7 Plus might understandably wish they had upgraded to the Apple iPhone 8 Plus or Apple iPhone X, especially if they like the Portrait Lighting feature on the new models. With Portrait Lighting, users can create certain depth effects with the background of a portrait, including a black background that completely hides the location where the portrait was snapped.

Until now, those with the iPhone 7 Plus had to jailbreak their phone in order to access the feature. But now, a photography app named Focos that has already been sitting in the App Store, has added a new feature called "Black Portrait" mode that will allow the iPhone 7 Plus to use some of the same Portrait Lighting options found on the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Depth effects similar to what Portrait Lighting offers is available using the "Black Portrait" and "Background Picture" filters.

Focos is a free app and requires that the iPhone it is loaded on have a dual-camera setup for the "Black Portrait" mode. That means that the feature is only compatible with the iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. All other computational photography features available from the app can be used on the Apple iPhone 5s or later, running iOS 11 or higher. To download the app on your phone, click on this link.

source: RedmondPie



9. alicewilliams

Posts: 1; Member since: May 25, 2018

Great app, but it not work on iPhone 6s and also have some bugs. I found many reviews on this app, also a bug list in blog of QAwerk company. But, if developers will fix them, I am sure the app whould be perfect.. for iPhone 7Plus and high :(

6. Phantom1031

Posts: 267; Member since: Aug 02, 2014

This app is not working with anyother iphone, I tried it with iphone 6s

7. 47AlphaTango

Posts: 748; Member since: Sep 27, 2015

Cause it was designed for iphone 7 plus! Or other iphones with dual camera!

8. 47AlphaTango

Posts: 748; Member since: Sep 27, 2015

Cause it was designed for iphone 7 plus! Or other iphones with dual camera!

5. submar

Posts: 713; Member since: Sep 19, 2014

Hope Apple won't take it down.

4. PhoenixFirebird

Posts: 128; Member since: Oct 10, 2016

Thank you apps developers

1. yobolegend

Posts: 53; Member since: Sep 14, 2016

Sound interesting

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