App developer clarifies the situation about the "massive/not-so-massive" WP7 update, seems like the platform is not selling well

App developer clarifies the situation about the "massive/not-so-massive" WP7 update, seems like the platform is not selling well
According to an unnamed head of app developing company, the Windows Phone 7 update that is expected to bring copy-and-paste along with CDMA support is scheduled for February. There is no word on multitasking, but it is reported that app developing restrictions would be relaxed by the update - a fact reportedly welcomed by the developers working on Windows Phone 7.

And something interesting - the source said that very few Windows Phone 7 users have downloaded the application of his company, which hints that WP7-powered phones may not be selling well - something that's consistent with previous reports. This was neither confirmed, nor denied by Microsoft's executive Joe Belfiore, who said at the Dive into Mobile conference that "it’s just too soon to talk about numbers" when it comes to Windows Phone 7 sales.

source: Business Insider



3. Dave unregistered

LOL, XBOX live integration cannot be counted a major selling point. Are you crazy? Seriously, lets talk regular SMARTPHONE users. They dont care about stupid xbox avatars that syncs to ur xbox. They care about user experience and WP7 is 1-2 major update away from catching up to the other operating systems.

1. DontHateOnS60

Posts: 872; Member since: Apr 20, 2009

WP7 offers nothing. It's exactly like iOS was when it first came out except it's not as colorful. Seriously, I don't know why Microsoft even bothered. There are no selling points for this over anything else on the market, unless you want a Microsoft product.

2. WP7Fan unregistered

offers nothing? Seriously Xbox Live alone is a major selling point of the phone. If anyone owns an xbox and wants something that can give them that interaction (xbox 360 is the top selling console now for the past 5-6 months) with achievment points, avatar customization, an so on then its a must buy.....and thats just ONE of the selling points for this phone. Lets not forget the Zune intergration, the Office intergration with sharepoint and oneNote, and the simple fluid speed inspired feel of the device. It has plenty to offer above its competetors depending on what your looking for.

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