U.K. retailer says Android is outselling Windows Phone 7 by a margin of 15 to 1

U.K. retailer says Android is outselling Windows Phone 7 by a margin of 15 to 1
Windows Phone 7 is still a newcomer to the mobile phone industry. Still, some of the data provided by U.K. retailer MobilesPlease would lead one to believe that Microsoft's new operating system is heading toward a first round KO.

Based on recent sales, only 3% of handsets sold by MobilesPlease were powered by Windows Phone 7. When you look at the margin of sales between Windows Phone 7 models and those with Android installed, the domination becomes apparent. For every Windows Phone 7 model sold by the retailer, 15 Android powered phones were sold.. And while that 15-1 margin is amazing, consider that at MobilesPlease, Symbian^3 phones are outselling Windows Phone 7 by a 3-1 margin despite the fact that only one handset is available with the former OS.

To make sure that this is not a fluke or the experience of just one  retailer, MobilesPlease contacted U.K. competitor Carphone Warehouse who confirmed that Windows Phone 7 devices "are not selling" and instead pointed to BlackBerry, HTC's Android models, and the Apple iPhone 4 as handsets that are ringing the register. Carphone Warehouse did not have any Windows Phone 7 models on display and said it "might have one in the back" according to a visitor to the store.

When Windows Phone 7 launched in the U.K. on October 21st, only two customers were online at Orange's Flagship store in London. In the U.S., AT&T says it is happy with the initial number of Windows Phone 7 sales. On the other hand, on Black Friday the carrier offered a BOGO deal limited only to Microsoft's new OS.

While so far the numbers indicate that the new Windows OS did not get off to a stellar start, it still is very early in the life of the software. A new "must-have" handset with some exciting features could help gain some more acceptance for Windows Phone 7.

source: electronista

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