Another day, another rumored Samsung Galaxy S5 feature debunked

Another day, another rumored Samsung Galaxy S5 feature debunked
A couple days ago, the idea that the Samsung Galaxy S5 might have an iris scanner was removed from the world of possibility in favor of the more believable rumor that it will feature a fingerprint scanner. Today, another rumor about Samsung's next flagship is getting axed regarding magnetic resonance wireless charging.

This wasn't one of the bigger rumors about the device, and there are still plenty of rumors to go around, but it was a pretty cool sounding idea. Magnetic resonance wireless charging differs from current forms of wireless induction charging in that you don't need the device to be in contact with the charging surface. The main benefit for magnetic resonance charging would be in being able to build hidden charging pads into things like countertops or a car dash. 

Given that, it shouldn't be too surprising that the tech won't be in the Galaxy S5. It seems like a technology that needs to mature a bit more, and Samsung may agree. The report saying that the tech won't be in the S5 says that the reason is Samsung doesn't think it is marketable yet. It is certainly on the roadmap though, and eventually we should be seeing magnetic resonance charging in plenty of mobile devices.

source: Newstomato via SamMobile

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