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Another battery explosion on a plane causes burns to woman's face

Another battery explosion on a plane causes injuries to woman
The smoldering issue of igniting batteries has once again given off a new spark with yet another battery explosion. And on a plane, too.

Two hours into a flight from Beijing to Melbourne, a battery-powered pair of headphones exploded and caused serious burns to a woman, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau has reported. The woman was just dozing off when she heard a loud explosion and woke up to burning sensations. 

Apparently, the battery was the source of fire and was left melted into the floor, according to the report. The report, however, is silent on the headphones make and model. Flight personnel were quick to put the smoking device in a bucket of water and attend to the woman’s condition. Nonetheless, the smoke and smell of burnt plastic quickly filled the plane “and people were coughing and choking the entire way home”.

Even though Samsung is not mentioned in the report, we are in no doubt that this incident stirred unpleasant feelings over in Korea, mainly, but not only due to last year’s Note 7 screw up. We also still recall that a Galaxy S6 and a Samsung tablet caught on fire mid-flight last year, and a Sammy battery plant caught on fire last month. 

Those guys can’t catch a break, we know, but it does seem like other manufacturers and products are affected by the problem, too. We do keep fingers crossed that this latest incident will not be followed by successors, as we are ultimately talking about human health here. However, we must admit that the timeline of the burning batteries issue just doesn’t let us get our hopes too high.

source: ATSB Report via CNET

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