Annoyed of Instagram? Here’s an app to strip images off those artsy filters

Annoyed of Instagram? Here’s an app to strip images off those artsy filters
Instagram is a neat little app that allows you to tweak your pictures and give them that retro vintage look, but sometimes it’s just too much. And image purists will be the first to cry out loud - give us the pictures as they are, don’t ruin them with filters. Both sides have their arguments, but now bridging the gap has become easier with the arrival of Normalize, an iPhone and iPad app that strips off pictures off those often annoying vintage filters and shows them in their natural beauty.

The app would do fine with most pictures, but if an image has been severely crippled with filters and adjustments to the point it’s barely recognizable, Normalize will of course have trouble bringing it back to what it was. In most cases those it seems to work good, even better than iPhoto and in some cases even the juggernaut Adobe Photoshop. Normalize will cost you $1 and you can check out some interesting details around its creation at the source below.

source: Build Normalize via Cult of Mac


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1. AppleConspiracy

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Wow! Double simulacrum!

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