Android matches iPhone appeal, but webOS is ignored entirely

Android matches iPhone appeal, but webOS is ignored entirely
A ChangeWave survey compares the appeal (measured by intent to purchase in the next 90 days) of different operating systems in June, 2010 versus September, 2010. The Apple iPhone barely holds its lead at 38%, after dropping 12 points since June. The Android OS, however, has risen to 37%, nearly matching the iPhone.

The wet blanket of the group is webOS, which has remained at 0% between June and September. This doesn't mean no one wants a webOS device, but the number was likely less than 0.5%.

While webOS users have reported high satisfaction with their experiences, this still poses a significant challenge for HP's new acquisition. HP exec Todd Bradley recently promised that the Personal Systems Group [the Palm division] would "aggressively attack" the smartphone market.

Competing with the momentum of Google's Android and the brand recognition of Apple's iOS, HP will be fighting an uphill battle. Palm fans are looking forward to the release of webOS 2.0, but it will take a device overhaul and some serious marketing to recapture their curb appeal.
source: InvestorPlace via PreCentral



1. brikz4real

Posts: 173; Member since: Dec 24, 2008

WOW. Talk about a phone getting the "middle finger". Lmao. Oh well, as good as Palm's OS is, I guess it could not keep up with Android and Apple's OS. But what would REALLY rub salt in the wounds is if Windows Phone 7 gets major attention and WebOS is STILL ignored. Talk about "PAINFUL!!!".

2. c3money unregistered

The is is not the problem the hardware is. Everyone knows that and with hp the resources as well as the budget are endless. Nobody can count webos out considering blackberry and nokia are starting to copy software designs for multitasking. Webos 2.0 looks promising along with new hardware, the only thing palm and hp needs is marketing to increase awareness to consumers. I personally I'm waiting but if they disappoint i wil have to take my business elsewhere but I don't think they will. By the way it'd just my opinion everybody has one.

3. c3money unregistered

Sorry bout some words not making sense dam apple and their autocorrect. HahA

4. DontHateOnS60

Posts: 872; Member since: Apr 20, 2009

My vote goes to Symbian. Yeah, no shit I know what my name is. But I've actually USED all the rest and come away the happiest with Symbian as an OS.

5. numberonenygfan

Posts: 211; Member since: Oct 19, 2009

i have the palm pre with verizon mainly because it was free.. just got it a few weeks ago.. i actually sold my droid x.. and i have to say, i am not dissatisfied with the pre... it is lacking with app availability but hey... the phone works flawlessly most of the time and its great with multitasking and emails.. really easy to use .. it does what it says it will do and what it should.. the os is great and with a little tweaking i think could be in the mix.. i agree with the windows 7 attention.. its rediculous that microsoft gets that much attention .. windows is not meant for phones.. it sucks to use and no one likes it.. this site is def. pro microsoft..

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