Android matches iPhone appeal, but webOS is ignored entirely

Android matches iPhone appeal, but webOS is ignored entirely
A ChangeWave survey compares the appeal (measured by intent to purchase in the next 90 days) of different operating systems in June, 2010 versus September, 2010. The Apple iPhone barely holds its lead at 38%, after dropping 12 points since June. The Android OS, however, has risen to 37%, nearly matching the iPhone.

The wet blanket of the group is webOS, which has remained at 0% between June and September. This doesn't mean no one wants a webOS device, but the number was likely less than 0.5%.

While webOS users have reported high satisfaction with their experiences, this still poses a significant challenge for HP's new acquisition. HP exec Todd Bradley recently promised that the Personal Systems Group [the Palm division] would "aggressively attack" the smartphone market.

Competing with the momentum of Google's Android and the brand recognition of Apple's iOS, HP will be fighting an uphill battle. Palm fans are looking forward to the release of webOS 2.0, but it will take a device overhaul and some serious marketing to recapture their curb appeal.
source: InvestorPlace via PreCentral

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