Has Android become the long predicted "iPhone Killer"?

Has Android become the long predicted "iPhone Killer"?
Ever since the launch of the iPhone, those who have not been able to embrace the device for one reason or another, have been searching for the iPhone "killer". A long list of manufacturers, carriers and phones have been designated the assassin of  Apple's touchscreen device dating back to the LG Voyager in 2007, and yet the iPhone has continued to prosper. But since the launch of the Motorola DROID last November, the Android platform has become not only a strong challenger to the iPhone, it is now taking business away from Apple in the States.

According to Millennial Media's monthly "Mobile Mix" (say that 10 times fast), Android has been picking up steam at the expense of the iPhone. The latest figures show that last month, Apple retained the top spot in the U.S. with a 48% share. That is a drop of 7% from July's reading and can you guess how many percentage points Android added in August? With the 7% share presumably grabbed from Apple, Google's open source OS now controls 26% of the U.S. market. If the current trend continues, in 4 to 6 months, Android will be looking down at Apple.

The importance of August's figures is that it shows that the earlier gains Android made this year were not due to people waiting on the sidelines for iPhone 4 to launch. In fact, Android has continued to pick up slices of the pie even after the release of Cupertino's latest phone. Millennial Media is a mobile ad agency and they say that ad requests on Android have increased 1,000% since January. Yes, some of this figure is bloated due to the large number of phones launched using the OS, but there seems to be no slow down in that department.

Which manufacturer has gained the most from the Android explosion? Motorola has leapfrogged over RIM to become the third largest cell phone producer in the States. Samsung and Apple are #1 and #2 respectively. On the list of the top 20 devices in the U.S., the first-gen DROID was number 2 with a 9.44% share, behind the iPhone. Five other Android phones made the top 20.

source: MillennialMedia



24. Kieran Wateridge unregistered

this great big iphone vs. Android thing is pointless. Apple is routed. They are a planted consumer product that is now a household name, they are an institution in modern technology. As much as I dont like it, they wont simply go away. Android wont either because tis picking up so much steam, it will become just as planted as iphone. It will be like microsoft and apple, both planted and commercially available systems.

20. cp hall unregistered

EHHH I dont own stock in either so could care less i love my droidx and the only upside to the iphone is that its a tad bit more polished than the android line but its apples and oranges iphones and androids are bought for different reasons if its brand loyalty or people choosing the best carrier or people who want to true use their phone as an extension of their own personality, iphone is for people who mainly get caught in the hype from what i have seen most iphone'rs i know were blown away after playing with my droidx i wish the music player was nicer but other than that it tops iphone everywhere but the camera even if it has more megapixels the iphone has a topnotch lens. but iphone needs to branch out people do eventually get bored and demand innovation.(desktops to laptops to netbooks to giant smartphones to tablets ....just the cycle of electronic life;) in 2 years some other upstart we are dogging today will be looking down on android and apple.....wp7? lol it never ends

17. phone pro unregistered

i dont know why but i just dont like the android platform. i know i shouldnt have a problem with them but i think there just saving companys from downfall and standing on there own 2 feet. you can gang up on apple all day but there doing there thing with one device model. The best every year! That has to be respected in its own league. its like blackberry and why there the best in there own league. There own devices, for these uses (bbm lol). I dont like what i see going on, everyones getting lazy!!! look at company's like Sony Ericsson there near dead no matter what they do. i think this is because no one wants to think. All about money for a minute. i wanna see companys like meego and windows phone 7. I wanna see competition. Noy cos there good but cos there different!

19. RobC unregistered

Not because they're good but because they're different? Really? I'd much rather have something that works well then have something different How about this? Let's race cars. I'll use alloy wheels with composite rubber tires, you be different and use marble wheels with crystal tire rims. Sometimes being different for the sake of being different is just stupid. Did you even think about what you were saying? And yes, they are business so that makes the bottom line their "bottom line". P.S.- Simple and easy is not necessarily lazy, it can also be... wait for it... efficiency.

23. Phone pro unregistered

Do you not think all phones are becoming the same. It's clear to me someone like you has a very limited view of the future. Business is one thing but as I mentioned above it's not really saving anyone. As I said I shouldn't have a problem with android I just don't like them. Your opinion has no facts. Phones are not meant to have the same UI as every phone out there. If you think they should good on you but then how do you justify picking on apple!!!!! If you think android works why are they so hard to update, why is the x10 struck on 1.6 donut and why does it all look like apple. Your someone who would mention silly widgets that kill the battery in half a day. I'm talking about making UI's that explore more then android seems to be able to give. Companys like nokia take risks I like that (meego n900). Please explain where it went wrong as a phone. It failed because everyones feeding into this copy cat app store crap and not doing it very well. I've had all these phones and I could just not understand all the gimmicks I see. Now amazon wants in the action! When will it end. I'm going back to blackberry until I can see a point to all this. You lot fight over what screens prettier that's not why I buy a phone

15. klazyflip unregistered

lol but this is a comparison of a platform under multiple phones versus ONE phone. isn't that a bit unfair? sure android has a lot to offer, but they're gaining mmore shares cause there are A LOT of good phones that have android now.

18. RobC unregistered

That may be the case but it's also Apple's choice. There are pros and cons to every decision. The pro is that it looks great statistically that just one phone has garnered so much. The con is that eventually, much like Mac share of personal computers, they will just be surrounded and overwhelmed.

26. Bradley unregistered

It's not a competition, it's a comparison. And it is Absolutely fair. Apple chooses to be exclusive to just one carrier. That was/is part of thier market strategy. Google has chosen to market through multiple carriers.

14. phonedog79

Posts: 3; Member since: Jun 09, 2010

Android will make more gains on the Iphone once they release and continue to release global devices. Most people have not ventured away from the Iphone b/c of its global capabilities. I foresee maybe a 55-40 Iphone/Android slit when that happens. Leaving 5% for other OSs

12. clevername

Posts: 1436; Member since: Jul 11, 2008

Oops sorry for the odd posts. Browser issues...on my nexus 1. Damn android. Lolz

11. clevername

Posts: 1436; Member since: Jul 11, 2008


10. clevername

Posts: 1436; Member since: Jul 11, 2008


9. clevername

Posts: 1436; Member since: Jul 11, 2008

Of course not. And this isn't some one is better than the other answer. IPhone has established itself. It's here to stay. It's past the experiment stage and there is demand for it. Android however, unlike other "iPhone killers" has become a serious contender. The first iPhone competitor. And I mean competitor that has sprung up after the iPhone, not something the iPhone started out competing with(rim, symbian, etc.). That is the significance of android. It has become the first thing that can compete with the iPhone and possible one day surpass. If apple starts to sell to the four major carriers, or at least the top two, then I don't see android surpassing it by more than a small measure. But if att exclusivity remains, the android will definitely beat it out, but only by saturation, and not popularity or satisfaction. 1 handset can only compete so much against dozens. Then again on the flip side of that coin if android over saturates the market like it almost seems to be doing(already more than 2 dozen different handsets in the us alone by years end) it may end up hurting it.

8. hawk62

Posts: 320; Member since: Nov 21, 2009

Android that has phones on all four carries is an iohone killer? Ok then! That is funny. Jobs is laughing all the way to the bank.

21. meeyawh unregistered


25. Bradley unregistered

Amen??? Was that like an Isheep prayer???

6. john orea unregistered

i hate the iphone. but i know for a fact that if verizon were to get it, android would disappear. and that would make me a happy person.

7. marcink unregistered

android would still be around even if the iPhone came to Verizon. manufacturers would still continue to make Android phones regardless so long as people bought phones. Like I said above, iPhone isn't for everyone. iPod's are still the most widely used and yet you can find MP3 players from Creative, Sony,and other small manufacturers.

13. nak1017

Posts: 328; Member since: Jan 08, 2010

Android not only won't disappear, I doubt it would make a huge dent in android. Verizon is #16 in size worldwide, everyone needs to stop looking at the US as the only market.

16. DNS unregistered

I do agree with you. You need to check it globally....Like in Market like India and China...which is growing...Iphone is not at all popular...every second handset is either Nokia, Sony Ericsson or Samsung..Iphone does not even have 1% Share...LOL

4. lady blah blah unregistered

NOOO REALLY?? They are just trying to show that the Droid is in demand more and more. Soon it may be in demand more than the iphone.

2. marcink unregistered

Don't really think it could be an iPhone killer since that will still be around. It may be more widely used but it still stands as an alternative more than a killer. Android isn't for everyone same as iPhone isn't for everyone.

5. pingpong

Posts: 145; Member since: Mar 28, 2010

+1. I think the "iPhone Killer" term has been played out since 2007. People have to stop looking at statistics at what sells more and just find the phone that fits them best.

22. JeffdaBeat unregistered

Marcink...just go ahead and register. That's one of the more intelligent posts in this whole battle of iOS vs. Android. And I mean, lets be real. If Apple allowed iOS to be put on other phones then it would be as big as Android. Same with their computer software. I think Apple is less concerned about how many handsets have iOS rather than them just being successful and making money. If they cared about how many folks had OSX then they'd let other companies make them. iOS is good for some. Android is good for some. I do hope Android kind of gets a standard going as far as what kind of phones can run their OS. Otherwise, I think we'd run into a Windows Mobile problem.

1. jtucker1987

Posts: 89; Member since: May 06, 2010

http://www.zdnet.com/blog/perlow/are-wireless-carriers-and-handset-oems-ruining-android-just-like-t he-pc-industry/14041 Do you agree? Android would be better if left alone.

3. Tagon unregistered

I don't disagree, but I don't agree either. Personally I hate UIs, most because it takes away my choice. Even if you turn off the manufacture UI you are not left with a try stock Android experience. I have a stock phone (Nexus One) but understand the limits you get from the stock UI so I use launcher Pro, but the whole point is I get to make that choice.

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