Android installed base might outgrow total Windows devices in early 2014

Android installed base might outgrow total Windows devices in early 2014
The dogs may bark, but the caravan moves on – that's the exact proverb we'd use about having a lot of mobile platforms compete for their place under the sun, while Android is quietly growing sales so quickly it managed to ship over 100 million devices in the second quarter of the year alone. That's right, now there are four Android devices sold for every iPhone, and if Google's platform continues growing at the same pace it might end up outgrowing the total number of Windows devices (also referred to as the Windows installed base) out there as early as in Q1 2014.

Lastly, estimates for the Windows installed base showed there are more than 1.25 billion devices running all different versions of Microsoft's platform. Android on the other hand grew to more than 400 million devices in total around the end of June.

The difference is huge, but what's even bigger is the pace at which Android is currently outgrowing Windows device sales. There are over 900,000 Android devices activated each day and soon that number is expected to reach a million.

Microsoft is definitely well aware of how quickly Google's platform is becoming the new dominant global force and might need to make drastic changes like the rumored ultra low priced, $199 Surface RT tablet. Right below, you'd find more details on the mobile landscape alone, all courtesy of analyst and ex-Nokia top manager Tomi Ahonen.

source: Communities Dominate Brands

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