Android Q will improve your phone's battery life, and you can't do much about it

Android Q will improve your phone's battery life, and you can't do much about it
Nah, we aren't talking about Google introducing a systemwide Dark Mode in Android Q. No amount of LTE tower pinging, talking on the phone, or any other usual suspect when it comes to wireless radio battery drain can affect your mileage as much as constant Wi-Fi scanning for non-existent networks. 

This thing is a giant power hog, and you should kill it with fire if you have exhausted all the usual culprits for your battery drain. Bonus points: by default Google tracks you even when Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are off, so if you ditch scanning, you'll make it harder.

Type "Improve accuracy" in the settings' search box, then turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning off. Type "Locating method" and switch it to "Phone only," if you need to keep GPS on at all times. 

When playing Pokemon Go, navigating, or any other scenario you need high accuracy for, turn it back on for the sesh if you are adamant to eke out every last drop of your battery juice, yet now Android manages the scanning permissions pretty well itself.

With Android Pie, Google drastically reduced the number of scan attempts to one every 30 seconds for front apps, and one in 30 minutes for apps that are just sitting in the background. Despite the outcry from developers of indoor location or signal strength measurement apps, Google has decided that the scanning restrictions will remain an integral part of Android Q:

While we feel sorry for devs of apps that can be affected, we can't wrong Google for deciding to put an end to rogue Wi-fi scanning that drains battery like crazy, and was one of the chief culprits behind standby power drains in previous Android versions. Whew.



1. perry1234

Posts: 654; Member since: Aug 14, 2012

I am happy that with this decision, Google decided to favour the consumers rather than the developers.

2. lyndon420

Posts: 6883; Member since: Jul 11, 2012

That's why we have the wifi toggle button.

3. lallolu

Posts: 734; Member since: Sep 18, 2012

Great move, Google. It is developers and apps like this that makes it impossible to leave wifi on since they always scan unneccessarily for wifi.

4. palmguy

Posts: 987; Member since: Mar 22, 2011

I have the Essential Phone & battery life indeed is better on Q than Pie. But I did turn off Digital Well Being because I read it affects battery life.

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