Android 4.1 now on 2.7% of Android phones

Android 4.1 now on 2.7% of Android phones
Based on Android phones that have visited the Google Play Store for the two weeks ended Wednesday, Android 4.1 is now on 2.7% of Android flavored handsets. That is up from the 1.8% of Android handsets running Jelly Bean in last month's report. Gingerbread still represents the largest percentage of Android phones with 53.9% powered by Android 2.3.3-2.3.7. That is a slight decline from the 55.5% seen last month. The historical distribution chart shows that nearly 100% of Android users have a device with Android 2.2 or higher.

What has to be a disappointment to Android users, only 25.8% of them are using a phone powered by Android 4.0.3-4.0.4. That seems low for the OS build that has now been surpassed by Android 4.1 and the just announced Android 4.2. When you consider that 12% are still toting a phone running Android 2.2, you have to wonder if there is something to this fragmentation thing after all. In comparison, 15% of iOS users had installed iOS 6 just 24 hours after it was available, and that figure rose to 60% after one month.

Who is to blame? The manufacturers have been seemingly slow to update phones and even the Android flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S III, is fragmented itself with owners of the Sprint version receiving the Android 4.1 update while the device continues to run Android 4.0 on the other U.S. carriers.

source: AndroidDevelopers via AndroidCentral

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