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Update to Android 10 broke Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for some Pixel 2 users

Update to Android 10 breaks Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for some Pixel 2 users
Google rolled out Android 10 for the Pixels back in September. Almost immediately, Pixel 2 owners started posting on Google's support page that the update broke the Wi-Fi on their phones. One Pixel 2 XL user kept receiving the message "Connected, no internet access." He tried to connect to Wi-Fi using Safe Mode, but it was no dice. And wiping network settings, rebooting the phone and even trying a different router failed to work.

Some were able to use Wi-Fi to access the internet only briefly even when their phones said that there was no Wi-Fi connection. Others found that their Pixel 2 kept switching between Wi-Fi and LTE even though the device showed that it was connected to Wi-Fi. There were over 400 posts listed under this topic and some added an additional complaint about losing Bluetooth connectivity.

A number of the posts from Pixel 2 users noted that they had experienced no issues with Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth when their phones were using Android 9. So that leads us to the only workaround at the moment, and if you own an affected Pixel 2 you are not going to like the taste of this medicine. Perform a factory reset and downgrade to Android 9. Those who don't have the know-how to do this have been sent replacement models from Google loaded with Android 9. We should point out that there is no guarantee that a factory reset will even fix the issue with Wi-Fi connectivity.

This issue is just coming to light now, and thus far there has been no response from Google about this; our Pixel 2 XL has not been affected so far. While most of the posts date back to September, there are more recent ones including one that was just posted today.

We've reached out to Google and if there is a response, this story will be updated.
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