Analyst claims Symbian is still the top OS, refutes Canalys report

Analyst claims Symbian is still the top OS, refutes Canalys report

A recent Canalys report announced the end of a long Symbian rule in the mobile OS world, but an analyst took a deeper look at the numbers and refuted the company's statistics. The problem with them? Android activations. Analyst Tomi Ahonen didn't question Nokia's figures despite some information over at the Finns that their converged device sales stood at 28.3 million, but rather puts Google's numbers under scrutiny.

Based on daily activation rates, diligently reported by Google folks, Ahonen claims that Canalys' estimate is far fetched. The reason for this lies in daily Android activations, which have reached 300,000 units a day in December according to Andy Rubin's tweet on December 9, 2010. To reach the 33.3 million sales figure that Canalys came up with, Android activations must have been at 600,000 a day, which is very unlikely.

Ahonen doesn't mention anything about the fact that Canalys included the OMS and Tapas platforms (Android-based platforms produced in China), as well as the fact that Google activations include not only smartphones but other devices like tablets. These facts cast some doubt over the estimates by Canalys, but it should be very soon when other companies like IDC come up with their statistics to prove which side is right.

source: Communities Dominate Brands blog

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1. Nedev unregistered

'Scuse my french, Mr Tomy Ahonen, but 600 000 times 92 (days in Q4) makes 55.2M androids, not 33.3M. That, aside from the question why Simbian 40 is called a mobile OS at all.

3. idiots rock unregistered

theres no such thing as symbian 40. series 40 and Symbian are two different operating systems. Tommi was saying they needed to reach 600k activations a day through out December to add to rest of quarter not 600k for whole 3 months tool

2. shyne unregistered

Nedev... Symbian 40 !!!! oh man you have no idea what symbian is or series 40 is ... don't post crap about those things , which you have no idea at all.. go and play some angry birds on your android phone..!!!!

4. 530gemini

Posts: 2198; Member since: Sep 09, 2010

Android is taking over, and symbian is going down anyway, in the smartphone category. So why even bother refuting? Nokia fanboys are something.

5. thatdude1 unregistered

The only one that is "something" here is you, 530gemini. Take your Android fanism somewhere else. Nokia isn't going anywhere. But you should.

6. rscuth3 unregistered

Analyst Tomi Ahonen? Scandinavian name (perhaps even Finnish)... something tells me this analyst isn't very objective.

7. thatdude1 unregistered

@rscuth3-But the american based analyst are objective? I don't think so.

8. DigitalJedi_X unregistered

Tomi is nothing more than an ex Nokia exec and still a Nokia fanboy. First he said 300,000 then he said Android would have to be at 370,000 activations, then he said they would have had to be at 400,000 activations and now he's saying 600,000?! Can he make up his mind?! And I do believe Schmidt said Android was at OVER 300,000 activations per day, which could easily be 370,000, which would have put it on pace to hit the 33 mil mark. And one more thing... People are saying Catalyst added the other two variants of Android in its numbers, plus tablets. What's wrong with that? CRApple adds in ALL devices running iOS 4(iPhone, iPod touch & iPad) and no one says a thing. So why can't Android, or anyone else, do the same?

10. thatdude1 unregistered

Ex Nokia excec, yes. Nokia fanboy, no. He is just calling it as he sees it. Unlike Canalyst.

11. derp unregistered

android is at 300k huh? so thats 200k new activations and another 100k replacements for those shitty toys motorola keeps pumping out of their septic tanks? sounds about right.

9. DigitalJedi_X unregistered

But I do agree that US analysts and journalists are quite biased against Nokia.

12. Simich unregistered

I still dont know why nokia is so desperately trying to get deeper into the US market,instead of trying to reinforce their position on the EU/Africa/Asia markets.And i think the whole direction of the App Stores is wrong,but people are greedy.There many countries out there in which mobile services are very expensive in comparison to US,and there the app store idea is out of the question :D just personal opinion though...

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