Amazon introduces X-Ray technology for its new Kindle Fires

Amazon introduces X-Ray technology for its new Kindle Fires
We’ve already taken a look at Amazon’s brand new Kindle Fire HD family, a series of 7-inch and 8.9-inch tablets that offer quick and easy access to Amazon’s ecosystem for an affordable price, but we haven’t yet taken a deeper look at the software innovation that comes with them.

One of the more interesting feature with the new Fires is the X-Ray technology. It works with movies, books and textbooks. Here is how it works.

X-Ray for movies allows you to simply tap on a scene to see which actors are in it right there. From there you can go straight to their other movies and learn more about them. Neat!

X-Ray for books delves even deeper. With you can easily find chapters and locations mentioning the ideas, characters and places mentioned in the book. You can also explore author biographies and get more background information.

Finally, X-Ray for textbooks is probably most useful for learners who want to know more about a topic. One tap brings all related pages in the textbook you’re reading, but also brings up related content from Wikipedia and YouTube.

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Corny, korny corny. there is a software program that allows you to do this with any home movie system. It's not called X ray technology either. I may or may not say the name of the company, but it's nothing exclusive that the consumer can't do on their own! ROFL I thought there was going to be some kind of real X-ray feature like in a doctors office, and I was thinking like WTF.Not a bad feature to have for free though!

5. infernal88

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yea they should add xray to phones ...this way u can have cancer from exposure in no time..... u know there is a reason for radiologist to wear lead shields :P


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Oh yeah like I really think X ray equipment should be on a phone or tablet. I was thinking that they may have made a unit that doctors could buy that did that genius, and no I would not expect that it would not be offered to the public ok!

7. infernal88

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oh well there is is called ultra sound and Doppler :P pretty much portable ...and no those are just sound waves not radiations any kind of radiation that have the power to penetrate cuz ionization so it is far from happening unless they find any kind of radiations and u would look for a physicist to do that be4 any adoption to a handset p.s. wasnt talkin seriously be4 :P

2. nwright94 unregistered

Why hello Elizabeth banks dressed up as Lady gaga

3. SugarShockFrantic

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i dont even like the hunger games/ team harry all the way

9. pikapowerize

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i like both... twilight sucks the most!!! corny movie and vampire story!!!

4. GuiltyBystander

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I'm disappoint... I thought it was going to let me use it on people and see them naked.

8. CX3NT3_713

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Lmao!!! X-ray? Bs

10. pikapowerize

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wow kinda like the technology..especially the xray for books and text book... kinda need for students... hope amazon release their tablets worldwide...


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just imagine how much radiation you will recive from it.

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