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Amazon cuts Nokia N900 price to $480

Amazon cuts Nokia N900 price to $480
The Nokia N900 is an Internet powerhouse. With the Maemo OS and a browser that shares technology from Mozilla, web sites appear exactly as they do on your PC. Add support for Flash and the N900 offers the best mobile Internet browsing capabilities available. As we recently reported, the N900 has just been launched in the U.S. through the Nokia Flagship stores and the Finnish manufacturer's web sites. At $649 a pop, it obviously is not a device for everyone. If price has been a factor in determining whether or not you are going to buy this device-which Nokia never called a phone in its most recent press release-then you should be heartened by a bit of good cheer from Amazon. The online retailer is cutting the price of the handset to $479.99 after applying a $50 rebate to the cost. The Nokia N900 should start shipping anyday now which means it will arrive in plenty of time to buy yourself a holiday gift. Or if you are counting on someone else to buy it for you during the holidays, you can start to leave hints about the price cut by printing out this story and leaving it in places where it will be noticed. You can also print out our recently published review on the Nokia N900 so that others will know what the fuss is all about.

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