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Amazon bans Apple TV and Google Chromecast sales

Amazon bans Apple TV and Google Chromecast sales
Amazon recently announced that it will soon ban the Apple TV and the Google Chromecast from its online webstore. No new listings for the two video-streaming products will be accepted and the existing listings will be removed on October 29.

Amazon says that it has decided to ban Apple TV and Google Chromecast sales due to the fact that these video-streaming devices are not compatible with Prime Video, Amazon's video-streaming service. According to the e-commerce giant, selling streaming devices that are not easily compatible with Prime Video on Amazon can lead to customer confusion. 

The retailer noted that video-streaming devices that easily work with Amazon Prime Video - such as the Roku players, the Microsoft Xbox consoles, and the Sony Playstation consoles - will continue to be offered through Amazon.

Here's Amazon official statement:

And this is the email that Amazon has been sending out to resellers:

Official motives aside, it looks like Amazon is bullying Apple and Google in an attempt to achieve a better position for its own video-streaming device, the Fire TV stick. Furthermore, it should be pointed out that, if Amazon's Prime Video is not compatible with the Apple TV and the Google Chromecast, that's only because Amazon decided not to develop apps for the two streaming devices. The Google Chromecast SDK allows everyone to make compatible apps (or even port existing ones), and all devs can make apps for the Apple TV, although Apple has tighter control over the apps published in its app store.

What do you guys think of this sales ban? Is there any chance that Amazon is really looking to avoid customer confusion, or has Amazon become a bully?

source: Bloomberg
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