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Amazon Prime exclusive version of the Moto G4 receives update to Android 7.0

You might recall that back in 2016, Amazon Prime ran a deal on both the Moto G4 and the BLU R1 HD. Consumers could pick up either handset and save $50 on the purchase with just one catch; they had to allow ads to run on the lock screen of their device. For some, that would be a small price to pay to save $50. Starting today, the update to Android 7.0 is being sent out to the Amazon Prime exclusive version of the Moto G4. This variant of the G4 was sold in the U.S. only, and sports the model number of  XT1625.

Motorola says that when the notification arrives on the handset, you should be on a Wi-Fi or LTE network when installing the new Android build. At the same time, the manufacturer suggests charging your battery to at least 50% before starting the updating process. The update will take about 30 minutes to complete. Since the new files are being sent OTA, it might take a few days before Android 7.0 hits your phone. If you're the impatient type, go to  Settings > Software updates to see if the update can be installed now.

Android 7.0 for the exclusive Moto G4 carries software version NPJ25.93-14. It contains the multiwindow and split-screen features, allows you to respond to messages directly from the notification shade, lets you customize Quick Settings, brings you the latest emoji from Unicode 9.0, and more.

If you saved $50 on the Amazon Prime exclusive Moto G4, be on the lookout for the notification telling you that your handset has joined the Nougat club.

source: Techdroider
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