Alleged iPhone 5 battery leaks, capacity barely changed

Alleged iPhone 5 battery leaks, capacity barely changed
In addition to all the leaked bits and pieces, supposedly belonging to the iPhone 5, we now have a photo of what is speculated to be the smartphone's battery. This new cell pack has a capacity of 1,440mAh, a voltage of 3.8V, and is rated at 5.45 watt hours. According to its labeling, the battery has been manufactured in June of 2012, which lines up nicely with the rumored iPhone 5 release in September.

However, something does not seem quite right. If rumors are to be trusted, the next iPhone will have LTE connectivity. We all know that LTE smartphones tend to be battery hogs, which is why their makers put bigger batteries in them. But this alleged iPhone 5 battery has a capacity of only 10mAh more when compared to the one inside the iPhone 4S. Moreover, all those leaked iPhone 5 components suggest that the smartphone will be taller, which would theoretically leave more room for a bigger battery pack to be installed. 

Of course, Apple could have used its witchcraft to make the LTE radio inside the iPhone 5 less power-hungry than we might think, which could potentially eliminate the need for a bigger battery. Besides, this is just a rumor we are dealing with here, and this battery pack could not be meant for the next iPhone at all. It might be a revised version of the iPhone 4S battery, so the iPhone 5's pack could be bigger after all. We will probably know with certainty sooner than later, since the iPhone 5 announcement is likely scheduled for September.

source: 9to5Mac

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