Alleged iPhone 5 and iPad mini cases caught on camera again

Alleged iPhone 5 and iPad mini cases caught on camera again
Cases allegedly made for the upcoming iPhone 5 or the rumored iPad mini we've seen a lot of already. They have been making the rounds for months, hinting at the two devices' possible dimensions. This time, however, they are being photographed together in one place, stacked on top of each other giving us an idea as to how big the two gadgets will likely be. The images were taken and posted on Flickr by Michael Rou, who managed to get his hands on what is said to be pre-production models for iPhone 5 and iPad mini cases. What's more is that a protective case for the new iPad and an iPhone 4S have also been thrown in for comparison's sake.

Note that the accessories do not necessarily represent what the iPhone 5 or the iPad mini will look like, rather what their design is expected to be, based on dimensions that have been leaked out of Foxconn factories. It won't be long until we feast our eyes on the real iPhone 5, however, as the smartphone is expected to be unveiled tomorrow, September 12, at the Apple press event in San Francisco. As for the iPad mini, we don't expect it to be mentioned during the conference, but its announcement is rumored to be scheduled for October.

source: Michael Rou (Flickr) via MacRumors

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